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Originally Posted by m-ch View Post
manhart racing has aswell 640 hp and dähler aswell.
over her in germany rumors says that this tuning steps (available so far) ar all prefactory datas, and that the tuners do have all problems to crack the software data sofar of the m5f10 engine by there own.
Kelleners, acschnitzer etc are all around 620-640hp, manhart racing told me they should be ready with a 730 hp step next spring 2013 (reenforced,rear axel, reenforced transmession as well..)

It is obvious that the x5/6m engine is over 700ph, but the better/newer m5 f10 engine wasnt able to crak for this power output...
Very curious who will be the first one with a serious tune over the 700hp...
Manhart, Schnitzer,PP-all running exact same ECU tune. Not a custom in house tune. No one has one. They come form the same source. I have the EXACT tune, downpipes and exhaust on my car. Car is ridiculously fast. Will leave a stock M5 in the dust. Greatest challenge is launch.