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Move wipers for wash

B-1- thanks for the tip! Tried this today, and it worked great. Only one difference - after cycling the power, I moved the wiper stalk up to its highest point and the wipers went to and stopped directly at the vertical position without sweeping. Worked like a charm.

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Can one of you tell me if the M5 does this with its wipers?

Switch on ignition without starting the car. Then switch it off. This should leave the car with power available to some functions, including the wipers.

Lift & hold wiper lever past all click points till it won't move up any further. Hold in place till the wipers sweep across the windscreen. They should sweep twice. Once the wipers sweep across, they should stop in the vertical position, so you can fold them back off the windscreen, for cleaning/detailing.

To return to down position, turn power on and click stalk down.