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Originally Posted by Boss330
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Hartge doesn't actually tune anything. Their primary business is wheels. Check the lasting results of that piggyback and what happened. I should have not replied to this thread. This creates arguments. It is the truth about the tune. Honestly I am leaving it at that. It can be verified if you investigate it.
I'm not going to argue on the tuning base for the Hartge F10 M5 other than just say that their car is awesome and seems to be quick

However I believe you forget Hartge's history with cars like the E30 H35 24V cars etc. Hartge is also classed as a manufacturer in Germany and have their own VIN numbers stamped on the cars. So I believe they are more than just wheels...
I know what they are and know their cars. They are primarily a wheels company. If you want a legitimate tune on an F10 get the PP Performance tune. When there is an F10 running the Hartge Piggy back tune for a decent length of time with no issues with the DME reverting to stock or shutting the car down then we will know. Right now I know no one who has one. I also cannot seem to find the Hartge tune actually offered for sale. I truly can only speak tot he tune that is on my car and of it's actual performance. I literally have a hard time keeping the tires down. It spins pretty much at will. Acceleration is far greater than it was in stock form. Be careful believing Dynos as discussed in prior threads ad nauseam. And we know trap speeds vary highly as well. On that note I guess I cannot verify first hand that they do not do their engine tune in-house but I find it highly unlikely. Would love to see proof of this somewhere and to also see the tune on someone's F10 M% and running for $3K miles or so without issue. My intent is not to be negative. There have been some attempts at piggybacks and they have not worked out. I just saw one "visible" tuner on here making claims about gains on the "tune" and then showing the car on the Dyno with the hood up. One of the most basic things you CANNOT do when performing a Dyno on an F10 M5. I can't imagine any of the precise processes for logging and comparing to tables were truly followed if they can't even remember the simplest thing like closing the hood. This is a different and very smart car. Gotta do things correctly or the DME will outsmart you.

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