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Originally Posted by Boss330 View Post
I agree that a real world customer experience should be interesting to hear about all of the different tuner claims.

The 0-62 is very difficult to better signifiantly without increasing grip as well. The stock M5 is struggling for grip and could do a lot quicker on slicks/semi slicks. The increased power is better indicated in the 80-200km/h runs or in the trap speed on a quarter mile run. Like the quarter mile run that was reported for one tuned car here that did not have a higher trap speed than a std M5... You can get a better launch and hence a better ET with better tires, but the trap speed indicates if you got more hp.

I guess Gustav of M5Board/GTBoard might know more about the Hartge tune and any issues with it.
Agreed on all points.

lol! I meant to say the manual on the Dyno is 26 pages, not 2 :-)