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Ok here is the thing, I will be the 1st to state the M5 is a car that you need to live with for a bit before you truly appreciate all its special ways - especially the MT. You have to get use to the whole package and "may this board be my witness" I think it is the best all around 5 seater sedan around and I have tested them all. If you want a MT this car trumps them all from tech, luxury, power, experience, everything! I can't believe BMW blessed this beast with a 6spd. I almost had to sell this car because I was moving for work - I would have simply bought another one if I did, its that good!

No car out there, nothing will let you do this all at once:

1) Check email and dictate back.
2) Get rear end massaged.
3) While racing a lambo, seated with 4. and enjoying satellite radio.
4) Manually shifting between gears

I am only commenting on the magazine, they need to review it for what it is - a super fast luxury sedan with a MT (a la the old 7er). Anyhow I vote with my wallet, good luck to the C&D magazine and anyone that takes this to heart rather then going out for test of their own.
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