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Originally Posted by Bimmer6 View Post
M5 owners make it simple your car is only for you to love, and not give a &j%# what others think. I would have purchsed mine if the articles said it was POS with a LCI coming. I absoutly love everything about the vehicle. This is my 6th BMW, and they all have been good except for the 2002 745i. Do you all know how many people would like to drive the car you have let alone own the damn thing.

Magazines sell articles to create hype! It's amazing with all the owners on this board that drive the car daily, and we still have people questioning their purchase because of a magazine that sales advertisements?? Sorry guys enjoy your cars ........I only get to drive my on the weekend because of my travel and living in two states. Man enjoy your M5's.
You're 100% correct.
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