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Originally Posted by rcesimo
Maybe it is justifiable criticism and not biased bashing. The competition has been getting better over the years, and BMW is not offering anything 'outstanding' out of the bunch.

Take the F10 M5 for instance. It's not a very good M car. They used the platform from the larger 7 series, the handling is pretty meh, and they focused too much on the luxury side of things and compromised the driving experience.

The competition is both diverse and compelling (CTS-V, S6, XFR, E63, Panamera... et al.), and sometimes offers more (AWD, more hp/torque), which makes ignoring them hard.

The only thing that the F10 M5 has against the competition, is the legacy of the M5. And that starts to pale once you test drive one of the competitions.
love it or leave it. sell your supposed m5 and get an s6 or e63. adios.
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