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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot
Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
Watching this video, I see the appeal of AWD. However, reading between the lines of what they said, I felt C&D gave this car too much credit:
1) At the end they implied the RWD delivers fun at all speeds suggesting the AWD does not.
2) They said they enjoyed most of all the 0-60 runs. I don't know about you guys, but I don't spend my time hanging out at traffic lights to floor the accelerator. I enjoy cornering, overtaking, carving traffic.
3) This car has EPS instead of hydraulic.
4) They said the single clutch auto doesn't hold up to the M5's DCT. This is a pretty damn important thing in a performance car.
5) The review focused only on driving. However when you buy a $100k luxury car instead of a Subaru WRXSTI you aren't buying just the driving experience. You are buying luxury, technology, gadgets, design, etc. In these areas BMW absolutely crushes Mercedes. Even Lexus and Infiniti crush Mercedes on tech. Yet it isn't mentioned which to me makes it a very unbalanced review. As I said earlier - I would not buy a car with a 7" SD screen. That would be like buying a british leyland product - out of date.

Don't get me wrong - I'm also intrigued AWD - but there is a lot of good stuff to give up if you buy a 2014 E63 AMG S over an M5.

Also C&Ds comparo placed the old RWD E63 over the M5 which is just plain absurd!
couldn't agree more. fun driving is not about 0-60. in fact, no one actually tries to race me in the m5 anyway. two things though: you see the key fob inserted in dash? also, does the car look like a vw golf from the front to anyone else?
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