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Originally Posted by Bob MG View Post
Guys I have doethis on three E90/92 M3s, an X6M and its a no brainer.

EDC is waste of time when compared to ride on coil overs.

It lowers the car and you get a more progressive ride where its not hard and jarring (like in sport mode on EDC) but is still stiff and improved cornering.

The rebound and compression settings are also adjustable so if you want it pre set for track or very hard then of course it will be, but for road driving its best of both settings in EDC plus more

Trust me you will never miss the EDC functionality.
I'd agree with you if I shared my car with the track. I've done a few coilover setups on my Porsches (Supercup-valved Bilsteins and another with PSS-9s), so I'm familiar with full coilover setups. Probably 98% of us just use our M5 on the street so the KW proposition is overkill, and a waste of money, IMO. I think most of us are looking mainly at the aesthetics when lowering these cars, so lowering springs are an ideal solution for this.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with the H&Rs because it doesn't change much of the characteristics over the stock suspension. There really isn't any bounciness with these lowering springs, or should I say not any more than there was with the stock setup.

My 2 cents...
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