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Originally Posted by rogers08m3
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CQUARTZ Finest is very glossy. If you put that on a frozen paint, it wouldn't be frozen any more.
You are correct that it is very glossy, however you are incorrect that it will change the look of satin paints. It can, and is used on satin or matte finishes; it is one of the few coatings that can be. It does not change the look; I have seen it first hand. You don't have to trust me; you can e-mail Corey from or Avi from cQuartz and ask them.
I don't buy it.

CQuartz Finest has been proven to yield a measurable increase I the gloss level of a glossy paint finish.

I don't understand how a product which measurably adds gloss changing the appearance of gloss finishes can also not change the appearance of a matte finish.