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Originally Posted by M-bitious View Post
Really feeling the lip. My only doubt is ground clearance with speed bumps. In your second pic you can see the plastic oem part that normally hits the ground, it is the lowest part in the pic, but since your lip extends further out I am afraid this will become the point of touch against the bump. Maybe you can test this with pictures?

You will definitely need to be cautious about bumps and driveways. I cannot pull directly into my driveway now with the lip (I have H&R springs). Have to pull in at an angle. YMMV, but I have scraped both sides on the bottom (cannot see it) roughly under where the parking sensors are located on the bumper. Not trying to dissuade you, it is soo worth the extra hassle of speedbumps, driveways, etc., 'cause it looks so damn good.
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