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Originally Posted by wingedwheel View Post
Have another drink. 550 X DRIVE M SPORT LIST = $ 77,500.00.
ACTUAL PURCHASE PRICE = $ 70,000.00. + DINAN STAGE 4 AT $ 11,000.00 = $ 81,000.00. I know these numbers because I that's what I actually paid einstein.

A M5 lightly optioned, unless it's used will be $ 97,000.00. A M5 optioned the way most people would want one will be $ 105,000.00 and up msrp. Maybe you can get it new for $ 100,000.00. So your difference would be approximately $ 19,000 to $ 20,000.00. Now start adding up insurance and registration for less torque and 30 more horsepower. Like I said you can do alot with $ 20,000 to $ 25,000.00 dollars. In my opinion x drive cancels out LSD.
Your special math. You can get money more off an M5 too. And 97k is well equipped not loaded but has most of what people want.

X Drive does not cancel out the LSD it's not even meant for performance. It's meant from snow. Lol

Stage 4 makes your car go fast in a straight line what about corners? Have you even drove a 550i or M5 at a track?

Stop with your silly math and be honest. Do me a favor and build an M5 and tell me what options I am missing? That an M5 owner would want?