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Originally Posted by cjackson1906 View Post
I had a '12 550 before I got my M5. I thought about getting the dinan stuff done to the 550, but after driving the two, the M5 was the clear winner (at least to me). I do agree w/WingedWheel that you can come out cheaper with a dinan 550, but I think the margin is probably a little less than $24k (more like $15K) if you equip the 550 with all of the things you get on the M5. So in the end I see WingedWheel's point, but I also noticed a difference in the two and went with the M5.

With regard to my original post, it seems opinions vary on a suitable stand-in for the F10 M5. After reading some of these posts, I think three really stand out:

- 2014 Audi RS7 - should be here in the states sometime this year and for those of us who can't fit into anything remotely the size of a 911, this would be a good choice.

- 2014 MB E63 AMG- looks like it will be a beast and for those who like AWD & performance, this looks like a solid contender.

- 2013 M6 Coupe - I probably would prefer the M3 Coupe or new M4 Coupe, but I'm tall and my bias won't let me pick any of those small cars.

With regard to the Porsche Panny a lot people referenced, it looks good from the front, but that backside looks like a nice model that you see out on the street and then you see her backside is struggling to hold on only due to a pair of Spanx... The M6 GC looks promising, but headroom, the metal around the windows (I'm sure there is some technical term for it) and cheesy lights kill it for me. Thanks to all who have commented thus far.
I agree, 2014 Audi RS7 top choice and then 2014 Merc E63 AMG second if the F10 M5 did not exist. Anbody know if they are bringing the 2014 Audi RS6 here to the U.S.? Last I could tell they are not going to bring it here for some weird reason.
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