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Originally Posted by URBAN LEGEND View Post
Audi has said recently that full S and RS models are coming to the US. They know they've missed out.
Actually this is true except that have already stated that they are not bringing the RS6 Avant here to the states because of dismal wagon sales here. My point before is that I thought they weren't even going to bring the RS6 Sedan here to the states and just the RS7 fast back, but it turns out that Audi is not even developing an RS6 Sedan at all for this generation of RS6. They are only making the RS6 Avant and RS7. At least the U.S. will get the RS7, but I'd rather have an RS6 Sedan. I guess the 2013 Audi S6 is enough. Lol!

Also the reason why they never brought the previous generations RS6 Sedan with the Twin Turbo V10 here to the states is that it would have been too expensive to get the emissions federalized.

When I was in Germany last year doing Euro Delivery I got extremely lucky and I got to see not just 1 but 2, Audi RS6 Avants in Munich. The second one I saw I got to get close up to and take good pictures. Just seeing one in real life was awesome, especially knowing that there was a Twin Turbo V10 under that hood, but after seeing one in the flesh I wasn't that impressed afterall. The RS6 Avant that I saw was just too understated. It had a couple badges here and there, but it just looked too plain jain. I like a little extra flare over the regular chassis, but this is not to say that the 2014 RS7 and RS6 Avant don't have this flare, because I think they do. Anyways, my 2 cents based off my personal experience.
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