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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
...torque doesn't matter to me much because when I'm just cruising casually, I don't need lots of torque, and when I want to have some real fun, I'll be keeping revs high where there's plenty of torque available, not to mention a symphony under the hood.
Ha, you say this now. I have too many friends that sweared how great the S85 engine was until they bought an S63tu engine and fell in love with the sheer insanity of torque. For the next M3/M4 the extra 100ft/lbs of torque combined with at least a 300lbs lighter chassis is going to be just as prodigous as the S63tu's 502ft/lbs of torque. Also if you ever hear my F10 M5 in real life, you will forget all about the symphony underneath the hood of an E92 M3. I'm sure with a proper exhaust setup the F80/82 ///M car will have a very good sound to it. The E92 M3 will go down as a legend in car history no doubt, but the next M3/M4 will have an even greater legendary status. I know this to be true when I used to be the biggest fan of that high revving V10 but now I don't long for it anymore.