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Originally Posted by jphughan
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Haha. Wait until you drive this torque monster. The S65 will become a quaint and fond memory
I'm sure I'd enjoy a bout in the M5, but I don't think I'd want to own one. Driving a Subaru BRZ showed me how much fun a light car can be even if it's relatively down on power, and after that experience I decided I probably didn't want to own anything heavier than the M3 I have now, at least not while I'm interested in going to the track and have access to lots of twisty back rods. Funly enough, broad torque curves don't matter to me much because when I'm just cruising casually, I don't need lots of torque, and when I want to have some real fun, I'll be keeping revs high where there's plenty of torque available, not to mention a symphony under the hood. That said, I can see the benefit of the S63Tu over the S85 in the M5 since very few M5s will be tracked even once, never mind regularly, so in that car it makes sense to fit an engine whose performance characteristics are especially suited for the types of use you'd find on public roads, which I imagine is why so many former E60 M5 owners here don't miss that S85 too much. But I don't think it will be quite the same with the M3, at least among owners who track -- though the weight savings might help sway them.

In any case, I'm not too worried about it since I expect to keep my M3 for many years to come. The only other cars I'd even consider owning at the moment are the BRZ (if for some reason I couldn't afford to keep the M3 anymore or stopped tracking and wanted something where more of its potential could be enjoyed on the road), a Porsche GT3 (too expensive for me at the moment), and maybe a C7 Vette Z06 depending on how that turns out. Obviously those are all very different cars, but at this point in my life my primary focus is on "smiles per mile", and that can be delivered in many ways. Other things like creature comforts are secondary.
In dont think the guys who haven't driven the f10 m5 really know how small and nimble this car really feels. I feel like I am in a maxed out, super luxury 3 series as in size and weight because its no nimble. I had the e93 vert before this f10 m5 (with my biggest blunder yet in between, the Maserati gts vert for 6 months) and I surely can say that the torque and insanity that this f10 m5 has allows me to never look back at the e93 again. I loved that e93 but this f10 is a whole 'nother world. I will by the m4 vert. My wife and I will share the f10 m5 and m4 and we will be happy for quite some time.... A very long time.