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Originally Posted by bradone1 View Post
I dont think the guys who haven't driven the f10 m5 really know how small and nimble this car really feels. I feel like I am in a maxed out, super luxury 3 series as in size and weight because its no nimble. I had the e93 vert before this f10 m5 (with my biggest blunder yet in between, the Maserati gts vert for 6 months) and I surely can say that the torque and insanity that this f10 m5 has allows me to never look back at the e93 again. I loved that e93 but this f10 is a whole 'nother world. I will by the m4 vert. My wife and I will share the f10 m5 and m4 and we will be happy for quite some time.... A very long time.
Fair enough, but you're also basing your comparison on an E93 M3, in which case the M5 only adds about 300 pounds to your baseline. Even that's a fair amount of additional weight on a track, but I would be comparing to the E92, where the weight difference is closer to 700 lbs. Plus there's the fact that not only are things like tires and brakes significantly more expensive on the M5 than the M3, but the extra weight means you go through them much faster, which is yet another reason I don't see it as a good solution for me while I'm interested in tracking.

Out of curiosity though, is your impression of the F10 M5 feeling like a loaded 3 Series based on track time or strictly road driving?
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