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Originally Posted by Matt@Supersprint-USA View Post
We offer catless downpipes or catted downpipes that will fit with the OEM front pipes.

If you want to remain catted, I would highly recommend our catless downpipes + catted front pipes combo. The cats are moved downstream and reduced EGTs tremendously!

Going full catless is fine, we've found a work around to include microcats and not trigger a CEL. However anyone considering a catless system should pair it with a tune. The ECU restricts this car a lot!

Here is a link for more info:

Full catless setup:
thanks for your post, im definately interested. one thing for sure, no one can accuse you of fudging your dyno resuts to show bigger gains. 7 hp gain for all those mods. of course the question then becomes, is it worth 8-$9000 in upgrades for 7 hp?

i already have a tune. so ill have to check with my tuner to see if maybe it needs to be tweaked.

for catted version II, are these 200 cell cats?

btw, i thought dynos only showed wheel hp?

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