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Originally Posted by Matt@Supersprint-USA View Post
You need to look at gains across the powerboard instead of peak hp only, even more so on a torque monster such as the M5. High RPM arent its forté!

We're expecting much better results with a catless tune as the ECU simply cannot and wont adjust to the newly released exhaust flow. I would not expect a tune to allow this engine to breath much more at higher RPMs but would add tremendous amounts of mid-range performance.

Max horsepower +7,7 hp @ 5770 rpm
+16,5 hp @ 2900 rpm
+21,9 hp @ 4300 rpm
+21,2 hp @ 5400 rpm

Max torque +34,1 Nm @ 2930 rpm
+32,1 Nm @ 2100 rpm
+38,7 Nm @ 2900 rpm
+31,2 Nm @ 4000 rpm
+30,2 Nm @ 5100 rpm

The catless downpipes were designed to fit with the OEM front pipes as well as any downpipe-back exhaust. Thery are 80mm in diameter with a 70mm slip connection. The microcats are an extra $440 for the pair. We use 2x100 CPSI HJS metallic racing catalytic converters either on the downpipes or the front pipes.

I hope this helps!
yes i see what you mean.

so how much for just the downpipes with the race cats?

and sure they wont trigger a cel?