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GMP Performance - Supersprint M5 Exhaust Special!!!

Requirements of stock low volume street engines are much different from high revving, high horsepower race engines. Road race applications are also much different from off road applications. Supersprint treats each situation individually to produce the best possible part for the intended use. Whether for street or race use, Supersprint researches, designs, tests, and builds exhaust systems for real world power and long lasting, quality construction.

The engineers at Supersprint design and build around each engine’s performance characteristics. Exhaust flow rates and velocity are dramatically increased by Supersprint designs while still retaining factory OEM diameter tubes. A critical balance between lower back pressure level and flow rate must be ensured for optimum performance. When Supersprint develops a system for a new car, hand built prototypes are made and extensively dyno tested, rebuilt and re-tested. Each component from header to tailpipe is accurately tuned and suited to each particular engine by Supersprint engineers.

One car sure not to be missed by the engineers was the M5. The M5 is the perfect example of the "best of both worlds" mentality, combining power and punch with the sophistication that is quintessential of the 5-Series. Utilizing their knowledge, they crafted the components for a beautifully rich system, backed by science, sound, and real world application.

Catless Resonated Front Pipes

Catted Front Pipes

Catless Turbo Downpipes

Catted Turbo Downpipes

Center Straight Pipes

Center X-Pipe

Connecting Pipes

Catless Front Pipes

Rear Mufflers w/Valve 2x100mm

Black Rear Mufflers w/Valve 2x100mm

Sport Rear Mufflers 2x100mm

Black Sport Rear Mufflers 2x100mm

Racing Rear Mufflers 2x100mm

Racing Black Rear Mufflers 2x100mm

Listen for yourself and let us know what you think!
BMW M5 F10 Supersprint full sport exhaust sound

For more information, click the links below each picture or click here for the full line up!

About Supersprint

Supersprint inc. was formed in 1955 with the objective of designing and building the highest quality exhaust systems in the world. That objective has been the driving force behind each supersprint product from the first system built to those being developed for the future. When you purchase a supersprint product you can be assured it is the highest quality available.

Every supersprint system has been researched, designed and tested to insure additional power and to enhance overall performance. All design is validated by extensive testing which includes hours of dyno testing on supersprint's maha 4-wheel chassis dynamometer. In fact no other exhaust manufacturer, race team engine testing department or car manufacturer has the performance evaluating experience of supersprint.

The engineers at supersprint realize that for maximum performance, exhaust development must begin at the exhaust ports of the cylinder head. This is why supersprint has the largest variety of racing header systems in the world today. Each header incorporates cnc laser cut port matched flanges. Primary tubes are mandrel bent using the latest cnc tube bending equipment. With special tooling supersprint has been able to keep weld joints to a minimum for added reliability.

Unlike the countless competitors Supersprint has seen come and go, since 1955, Supersprint does its homework on the dyno, the street and the track. Their extensive knowledge has been earned on thousands of cars around the world.

Trey @ GMP Performance
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