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Originally Posted by stealth.pilot View Post
Given the price and how many cars these guys claim to have tunes for, I think this product is either a phony, or badly designed. A good tuner can't possible have that many tunes because they take a lot of time and resource to develop. I mean think how many test vehicles they would have to sign up to support the product line-up on their website.
It's probably comparable to the diesel piggybacks that are also available for xxxx models and variants... It's basically a resistance that is serial connected in the fuel pressure sensor circuit (some also do the boost circuits etc). What this does is to tell the ECU that the fuel pressure is lower than it really is, leading the ECU to boost the fuel pressure higher (say the voltage from the fuel pressure sensor is 5v at 2000bar, but with the extra resistance the ECU only gets 4,5v at 2000bar, and needs 2200bar to get a 5v signal).

VOILA! More power!

Very crude tuning. And is a generic tuning method that works on allmost any car without development costs... These have probably not been developed and tested on more than a few models of all those listed...