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Originally Posted by jmh View Post
Just reviving an old thread
The iDrive with touch pad also add addtl modules to the system and from the first looks/info it won't be a simple retrofit via plug and play / sw update
Also the touch pad itself may not be for everyone as it seems to be fairly slow , you draw one letter and have to wait for it to be processed before you can draw the 2nd etc ...
^ this. Execution is pretty horrible. I played with it the other day. I think input using the controller the old way (scrolling and selecting) could potentially be faster.

Me: Draws "W"
Car: "W? Confirm"
Me: "Yes"
Car: "Proceed"
Me: Draws "T"
Car: "T? Confirm"
Me: "Yes"
Car: "Proceed"
Me: Draws "F"
Car: "F? Confirm"
Me: "Yes"
Car: "Proceed"
Me: Turns off car and gets out.
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