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Originally Posted by wdimagineer View Post
^ this. Execution is pretty horrible. I played with it the other day. I think input using the controller the old way (scrolling and selecting) could potentially be faster.

Me: Draws "W"
Car: "W? Confirm"
Me: "Yes"
Car: "Proceed"
Me: Draws "T"
Car: "T? Confirm"
Me: "Yes"
Car: "Proceed"
Me: Draws "F"
Car: "F? Confirm"
Me: "Yes"
Car: "Proceed"
Me: Turns off car and gets out.
BMW had in mind the Chinese market when they developed this system. It makes more sense because unlike alphabets, a single Chinese character can usually express an entire word, (for example horse, rice field, river are all single Chinese characters thus just one entry vs. writing the whole words -- 5 letter entries for horse, etc.). One thing that BMW should improve and spend more time is voice recognition. My friend's MS Sync voice recognition system in his Ford beats the BMW system by lightyears (an exageration!).