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Originally Posted by ImpetuousRacer View Post
Ok, I put a DVD in the player, it loaded up, I get to the menu to select scenes, play movie, etc. However, I can't figure out how to move to different selections on the DVD menu, or press enter.

All I see are the play, forward, back, buttons etc in the iDrive menu, but play doesnt start the movie. Really didnt think it would be this hard. Thanks for the help!

In 2013 models, once the DVD has loaded and you are looking at the menu of the disc, instructions appear on the top edge of the screen: press the meny key right above the iDrive controller to get access to the disc menu and then use the controller to move right/ left and press it down (as in depress the controller itself) to select a menu item.

Hope it makes senses.

On "older" cars, instead of pressing the Menu key, the manipulation consists of turning the controller dial right and then depressing it to enter the disc menu, where you can then move right/ left and depress the controller again to select.

Originally Posted by greentrbo95gst View Post
Mine doesnt even recognize the dvd.

In some cars, it takes several minutes for the DVD to start playing the first time you pop one in. Not sure if it is setting the player to the region associated with the DVD or...

If it still doesn't work, eject it, turn off all electronics, turn on, put the disc back in.

Failing that, with the disc in there, press and hold the volume button until iDrive/ screen/ head unit restarts.

That should solve it.

Please let us know.

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