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Originally Posted by jmh View Post

first of all I don't want to spark another which detector is the best debate as there
are plenty of opinions and solutions :-) ...
I know there're plenty of people who swear by Bell/Passport/V1 etc , I've had
K40s in various cars and they have served me well so far.
I like the ability to have a complete stealth install without any visible
installation signs such as display/'knobs etc

For my current M5 I thought it would be interesting if we somehow can
have the K40 LEDs integrated into the HUD (in my previous cars I had the
LEDs integrated into the indicator lights part of the instrument cluster).
For those who have had work done by Sound in Motion you probably know
they do great work and provide better than OEM quality and finish.

Derek spent a few hours investigating the various possibilities and he got a little
side tracked and spliced the video out from the iPod Touch into the HUD

For the actual install I wanted to have the K40 remote installed in a stealth place
as I didn't want to have it fly around the glove box or elsewhere . So Derek
created a custom mounting bracket and installed the remote into the factory
ashtray part of the middleconsole.

The LEDs have been fitted into the HUD unit (quite complex as the entire
unit is fairly large and is of interesting shape/architecture

The detectors have been installed in the front and rear bumpers, the laser
diffusers have also been mounted in the front and rear bumpers

K40 LEDs integrated into the HUD (blue LEDs to the left and right)

HUD Unit and Installation

K40 Remote installed into the factory ashtray in the middleconsole

K40 diffusers/detector installation

Radar detector installation

All work was done by Sound in Motion in Boston (

Next up will be the upgrade of the B&O system to live up to its potential ....

- Jan
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Those front externals are so visible.
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