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Lightbulb Even More M5 / M6 Competition Package Technical Specs [Figures, Charts, Dyno]

Even More M5 / M6 Competition Package Technical Specs (Figures, Charts, Dyno)

While we were attending the 4 Series launch in Portugal, BMW M brought out some M5 and M6 Competition Package equipped models for us to drive. They also briefed us on the technical changes that come with the Competition Package in a very informational presentation which discussed the changes in even more technical details. Among the information discussed were the actual changes in spring rates, damping rates, stabilizer rates, steering ratios, torque/power output, and other details we've previously covered, including in our FAQ (reposted below).

In summary, springs rates and damping rates are increased by 20%, stabilizer rates by 15% and the steering ratio by 10%. See below for the information, as well as a steering ratio chart and torque/power dyno graph.

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And to recap on the M5/M6 Competition Package to give you a full picture, here are the full details of the package, including our recent FAQ and answers.

2014 Competition Package details

2014 Competition Package details:
  • Power increase by 11kW (15HP) to 423kW (575 HP)
  • Stiffer stabilizer (anti-roll) bars
  • Stiffer and lower suspension (shocks and springs) (10mm lower than standard M5).
  • Stiffer front axle bushings
  • Active M Differential with a unique tune for the competition package for improved traction
  • New hydraulic rack-and-pinion steering with the M-specific Servotronic function with A MORE DIRECT PROGRAMMING to improve agility during cornering
  • M Dynamic mode (MDM) of DSC tuned with higher thresholds of intervention
  • New 20" M light alloy wheels
  • Sport exhaust with black chrome tips
  • Note: BMW M ceramic brakes still remain a separate option, unrelated to this package.
  • 2014 US pricing: $7300 (see price guide)

BIMMERPOST Q&A on M5 / M6 Competition Package

BIMMERPOST Q&A (answers are a mix of direct quotes, paraphrases and my own contributions):

Can Competition Package parts/software be retrofitted?

No, official retrofit support will not be provided by BMW here in the U.S. But, of course some parts can be retrofitted by individual owners if they went to enough lengths to do so. Some things would be easier of course, but steering and software would be difficult. The demand for retrofit is lower in U.S. due to the higher lease penetration and higher car turnover. In comparison, Europe supports retrofitting more than the U.S.

Are the M differential "tune" and MDM software updates going to be available to upgrade pre-LCI M5/M6?

No official retrofit will be available for Competition Package features. But, a high level update was made to all M5 and M6 produced from March 2013 (to prepare it for ceramic brakes option). Changes included 1) smaller torsion bar in the hydraulic steering system which affects how the steering system (better) responds on center, 2) programming for the steering system and 3) stiffer front bushings to better deal with increased brake forces from optional ceramic brakes.

Note: the steering and suspension changes mentioned above are not the same ones that come with the Competition Package.

How much lighter are the competition wheels?

They are not lighter.

Is the Competition Package Sport Exhaust different than upcoming M Performance Exhaust?

Yes, it's positioned between the stock exhaust and the M Performance Exhaust [our details and clips]. It's not titanium like the M Performance Exhaust. It's sportier sounding than the stock exhaust by having its baffles pulled from the muffler. No power gains and no flow change.

What are the changes made to steering with the new Competition Package and how does it make the M5 "feel"?

In addition to the changes made in March 2013 (detailed above), the Competition Package includes a faster steering rack and related steering software. It has a faster on-center steering ratio compared to stock, which eventually ends in the same ratio as stock at the end of the rack. So, the on-center ratio is faster, quicker, and more direct which provides for a more precise feeling around center.

The +15 HP increase comes from which component(s)?

Only boost mapping - the effects of which take place at the top of the rev range.

How is the suspension improved exactly?

The following is my own summary: 10mm lower suspension (M5), stiffer front bushings, revised springs/shocks and stiffer swaybars.

For your reference, we've reposted M5/M6 Competition Package photos and video feature:

BMW M5 Competition Package Wallpapers

BMW M5 Competition Package

BMW M6 Competition Package