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Originally Posted by Tom C View Post
People can say the same about why you got an M5 over a 550...

I like Matt LeBlanc's answer when being interviewed on Top Gear (UK) about why he modded his 911 Turbo.. (to paraphrase) 'if someone who doesn't know anything about cars can go down to a dealership and get the same car...that is not right...I love cars.... so mine should go a little faster'
That's fair... maybe my phrasing was a bit of a low blow... but there have been some who seemed to brag about their tunes without providing any data or proof that it was fast. I saw the LeBlanc episode too.. it was a good one, and I understand his point.

On the other hand (and a big part of the reason I personally dont see a need for one), are your own posts that impressed me -- as you stated "my F10 M5 is the fastest non-tuned car I have ever owned," and your 1/4 times with a bone stock M5 are amazing!

If I ever considered a tune, I would really want a lot more certainty that it wouldnt create a warranty issue...

If I didn't have that worry, I would go with the swtizer piggyback tune... why? Because he and Dave posted up real videos that show real performance increase on the road, not just a Dyno change., but as Niko stated -- its not for the faint of heart.

Now if you drop a tune in on yours and break into the 10's on the strip that would be interesting too.
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