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Originally Posted by B-1 Pilot View Post
That's fair... maybe my phrasing was a bit of a low blow... but there have been some who seemed to brag about their tunes without providing any data or proof that it was fast. I saw the LeBlanc episode too.. it was a good one, and I understand his point.

On the other hand (and a big part of the reason I personally dont see a need for one), are your own posts that impressed me -- as you stated "my F10 M5 is the fastest non-tuned car I have ever owned," and your 1/4 times with a bone stock M5 are amazing!

If I ever considered a tune, I would really want a lot more certainty that it wouldnt create a warranty issue...

If I didn't have that worry, I would go with the swtizer piggyback tune... why? Because he and Dave posted up real videos that show real performance increase on the road, not just a Dyno change., but as Niko stated -- its not for the faint of heart.

Now if you drop a tune in on yours and break into the 10's on the strip that would be interesting too.

I thought about tuning mine but there really isn't a tune out there right now that I trust...and I don't want to be some tuner's guinea pig. But if a reputable tuner puts something out there that is reliable and can quantify the gains...and will provide some sort of warranty...then I would probably pull the trigger. Until then, I will try to see what it can do without a tune at the track.