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Originally Posted by Aussie F10M View Post
I am curious why you think the car needs a tune. Don't you think it has enough power at the moment ?
I do love this statement. Have you ever had a good tune on one of your cars?

On a turbo car it adds massive gains. Especially in mid range. With this attitude I'm surprised you didn't just go for a 550i

If you going to tune, then ensure you are doing it with a reputable tuner and also that the speed governor and rev limiter are left untouched.

BMW have no other way of detecting the tune without those parameters being exceeded.

I did this on my last ESS supercharged E90 and when the car went in for quality inspection when everything was bolted off, they found nothing and it passed with flying colors

Once you exceed the speed limited or rev limiter you can never erase without replacing the instrument cluster as well as clearing all other DME's

Going over the governed 250 KPH and the factory RPM seems stupid anyway