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I pride myself on doing the research before I leap in to buying something expensive. Okay - most of the time I do. With tinting I certainly did. Part of the research I do tells me whose opinions I trust, and Stealth pilot is one of those people here. It's not that he makes similar decisions to me, it's that he makes decisions based on evidence, as as such it's easy to check his working and relatively often found out that nothing has changed since he made his decision.

In the case of tinting, I saw that he used Prestige Photosync, as he mentioned. I did the research on tints also, having browsed several other forums and I came to tto the conclusion that Stealth Pilot was right again.

Prestige Photosync has one MAJOR advantage over every other tint out there. It stops infra-red getting in WAY better than anything else. Even at the lower tint levels it still removes about 80%. It also does the photochromic thing, like glasses that get darker in sunlight. It adds another 10% to the tint in strong sunlight, which is nice. When it does that, though, the infra-red rejection rate goes up. In the mid-range tints that ups the rejection rate to 99.5%.

Be aware of your local laws regarding whether you can put films on your front windscreen or not. I can tell you that were it legal to do here in Washington state I would do so on the front windscreen. In anticipation of the question from people who live where it is legal I checked whether it would ruin the view of the HUD by temporarily sticking some to the windscreen - it doesn't distort the HUD or change the polarisation.

And don't forget to do your sunroof, like I did. I'll fix that when the next budget comes up...