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Originally Posted by 335iRlz View Post
Exactly. I have faith that an ecu stock reflash based on a file that was taken off your car pre tune install is enough to get it back to where it wouldn't be worth their time to void you... THe real unknown for us f10 guys is if there are things the tunes haven't found that are logging perimeters that we won't know until the first person takes a engine, tranny, turbo VOID... Same way someone probably got their warranty voided on the 335i's when we all found out about the tuner codes popping and then in subsequent years the tuners were able to beat those.

I'd sign up if it was for 200whp or something crazy like cobb and jb4 can do on a simple map, but for 54whp or something tiny lmao hardly seems worth the trouble considering the value of the car/parts at hand
Well Said.

BMW has picked up a development 550i so stage 2 will be out and hopefully will work on the M5. There is one member with a M6 running 11.4 with a stage1 smoking the tires and trapping near 130mph.