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Agreed. Personally i think this car has way more power than i need. I used to have a turbo honda making 500whp and i can tell you this, it was fun and scary but it was never a worry free ride, youre always checking gauges, looking for smoke, smelling for coolant etc. Not to mention i blew a few engines too even the fully built professionally tuned ones trying to do highway pulls. The difference is, you can buy another used honda engine for 700 bucks or a built one for a couple grand. An M5 engine is upwards of 40k, thats a risk im not willing to take. Ill drive and enjoy my car the way the factory intended. More power to you guys willing to take the plunge tho, im yet to hear of anyone blowing up the engine.
No one really knows the limits of this engine and the tranny as to how much RELIABLE power they can handle. Guess time will tell
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