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Originally Posted by slowcarsonfastlane View Post
do u hav actual figures that show how much would be the difference between standard F10M5 brake lines VS your stainless till brake lines. i mean, u got to hav some test result reflecting the actual performance under certain braking conditions?? or is it a "personal feel" factor more?

sorry if my Qs may seem too technical but i think i got to know this data before upgrading to anything especially when it is to Brake system.

many thx.

Or if any knowledgeable users can help to answer this
There is not much data out there to support any actual improvement.
But brake systems are hydraulic fluid under pressure. So using reinforced stainless steel lines helps the fluid flow without expanding or flexing the brake lines in the process. However, this really is only felt during extreme hard braking.
There is no safety issue as these lines are more robust then the OE rubber ones.
As long as they are installed properly.

The best proof of their actual functionality is Professional and Amatuer racing series.
All of them change the rubber lines to stainless steel brake lines.