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F10 M5 Carbotech pads from IND Distribution!

Any M5 owner knows that while this super sedan is typically used on the street, the real talents of the M5 lie in the car’s ability to be an incredible track performer this weekend, and an incredibly comfortable car to take you to the office the following Monday. The F10 M5 is truly a masterpiece by BMW, and it is this capability that makes the M5 such an all-star.

One of the most critical areas to discuss when planning to drive your M5 at a road course is its braking system. While the front calipers are a radially mounted monoblock construction work of art, and the rotors both front and rear have an incredible amount of thermal capacity, the brake fluid and pads used are still designed for the street, and will not hold up to serious work around a race track. We learned this as soon as our F10 M5 project car arrived at IND, when we put the car through its paces around AutoBahn Country Club’s road course.

The good news is, upgrading the brake pads and fluid can fill out the M5’s performance envelope and provide enough braking power to complete this car’s transformation to a track beast.

IND has worked directly with Carbotech to develop an exclusive pad shape that fits perfectly in the F10 M5 brake calipers. As a result, the complete Carbotech lineup is now available in M5 fitment from IND Distribution.

CarboTech offers a large selection of compound solutions, with everything from the most mild street pad to the most heavy duty track pad available for the M5 at great price points.

Please contact an IND representative or IND products dealer for more information!



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