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Originally Posted by TonySCV View Post
You aren't missing a thing.

My guess is DRIVE took it down to re-edit it because the reviewer's knowledge gaps reflected so poorly on the reviewer (and DRIVE). The tweet from DRIVE this morning with the video has been deleted.

No clue. He lost me when he called it an F30.

I'm not a fan of Matt's reviews in general. They sound too much like what I'd hear one of my friends say about a car if I made them do a review of something they weren't that interested in.

That said, I realize reviewers sometimes get assigned cars to review with almost little or no prep time, but that means STAY AWAY from specifics because otherwise you spit out things like "F30" and the DCT being clunky or jerky around town which even reviewers critical of the M5 will tell you is complete nonsense.

All that coupled with contradicting himself in a number of places probably means that the video is getting an edit bay review or being scrapped altogether. DRIVE has a pretty good reputation they need to maintain. When I saw that video I thought that it wasn't at all up to the normal DRIVE standards. Visually yes. Commentary? No way. I could just imagine Chris Harris screaming "This guy doesn't have a clue what he's talking about!"
I agree, he shouldn't get a pass because he isn't familiar with the platform. He certainly saw the multiple reviews Harris did with the F10 car to use as a baseline. Any car reviewer would know the basics about the F10 M5 by now, can not be excused. All of his reviews are boring. I see in this video he is trying to "drift" a little, almost seems he is trying too hard to be cool. He will always be inferior to Chris Harris' as long as they are part of the Drive network.