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Although I much prefer Chris Harris on DRIVE, he wasn't actually being that critical about it. I mean, there was a few negatives that he pointed out. Things that some might like, some may not.

I am not a huge fan of the navi and know of more intuitive systems when it comes to putting in a destination. You kind of have to adapt to it and learn to like it. Just remember how Top Gear ridiculed iDrive when it first came... It takes a bit getting used to, but is SO great when you are used to it's functions. So, as a BMW owner we might not get his negativity, but to non-BMW owners I kinda get it.

His gripe with the DCT was with the start stop, not sure if he by that meant start stop traffic or the start stop function? If it was the latter, sure that is annoying...

He also didn't feel the M5 had a sound signature. There have been plenty of comments on sound here as well. Some like it, some prefer the AMG V8 sound. The M5 has a V8, but doesn't sound like a V8. It sounds more like a race car because of it's cross bank exhaust manifold. Good thing in my book

Apart from that he praised the car. Didn't feel it had become to heavy, was better than an AMG or Audi. Looked better than a Panamera. Still was the top car in it's class.

Basically a positive review, but with some (IMHO) minor negatives.

But, somehow I have problems taking him as a serious car journalist on the same level as a Chris Harris... I don't know if it's his appearance or the way he talks. But he comes across as not looking like a professional at his work.