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I think I've seen this article before.

Here's the part that I liked the most:

Meeting the M5, you love how the hydraulically assisted steering is old-school-BMW communicative in normal driving, then hate how numb it gets at the limit.

This is a dead on true statement. Many people and journalists complained about how they didn't like the steering in years past, but no one has ever really elaborated on what exactly they didn't like about it. I drive a 2013 M5, the one before the steering updates. I think the steering is just great during normal street use, but like they said it does get numb on the track. But even on mountain and canyon roads, I still loved the steering when in Sport+. The first time I took the F10 M5 on the track, I was like "whoa, I really can't feel what the front wheels are doing." I say that unless you are taking the M5 to the track every single weekend, this would be annoying. Even with the steering updates and the Competition Package, they never dialed out the numbness of the steering completely. I don't think it's possible. So in every day driving and the occasional spirited drive on a canyon road or an outing to the track once or twice a year, I think the M5 steering is great, even in Pre-LCI form. Afterall the F10 M5 is a Private Jet, it's not suppose to handle and feel like an F-15 Fighter Jet.