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Originally Posted by B-1Pilot View Post
Frozen silver is based off of silverstone, so their is a bluish to it... there is at present no true frozen silver color, based off of any of the pure silvers -- which aren't offered for the M5 - unless someone really wants to get frozen pure metal silver, but I think that might be counterproductive.

I am just happy to see that this confirms what I suspected -- any BMW metallic can be made frozen in the individual world.

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I don't really see the blue so much in frozen silver.

These frozen colors tend to look different to their gloss counterparts because the gloss changes the tone. Gloss has two effects - one is to darken the color, and the other is to reflect the color of the sky.

This latter effect is what accentuates the blue in silverstone. In frozen silverstone, it doesn't channel the blue as strongly, and the matte clear coat lightens the color too, creating more of macbook silver look.

I see a similar effect at play with Frozen Grey and Frozen Cashmere.
- Normal Cashmere looks like beige. Frozen Cashmere looks like a desert silver - a bit like matte version of Porsche's Platinum Silver.
- Space Grey looks very much grey. Frozen Grey in sunlight looks like Porsche's GT Silver but with a matte effect replicating bare steel - it is much more metallic and silvery than Grey.
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