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BMW Individual Frozen Bronze M5 Competition w/ Nutmeg Interior

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I'm sort of new to the forum, but I'm very thankful for all the information found prior I've made the decision on specs, thank you for all.

I had my Frozen Bronze delivered back in November, but weather conditions were rather bad in here, so I took a few better pictures a few days ago.

For some, the color is polarizing. It was a hard choice after all as having a white and black Bimmer before, I wanted something different. As many have written on this forum the paint is easy to clean, but smaller scratches are more visible than on a shiny paintwork.

The interior pics shows the color tone of Nutmeg interior. It's kind of a cold brown tone which well matches the frozen outside colour. It's a personal choice but those who like brown interior it's one of the best options, not too dark, but isn't too warm color either.

I come from an e60 3l Diesel, so the power, handling etc, is just compare to none

Frozen Bronze
Nutmeg interior with Piano Black finish
Carbon Ceramic Brakes
Competition Package
Basically a complete list without back seat entertainment, lane change warning and night vision (I had night vision on the e60 and I think it's useless, after a deer accident).

This beast put a big smile on my face every morning.

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