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2014 BMW Individual Laguna Seca Blue F10 M5 Competition

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A few teasers of my 2014 BMW Individual Laguna Seca Blue M5. As far as i know and from what the dealer told me it should be the only one in the country! Will be taking delivery tomorrow, and already spoke to IND so stay tuned for more pictures.

2014 BMW Individual Laguna Seca Blue F10 M5
-Competition Package
-Executive Package
-Driver's Assistance
-Lighting Package
-B&O Sound

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So I took delivery on sunday, drove 80 miles back in the rain, and i made sure teh dealer didnt wash it either. I got it foam gunned and washed properly yesterday. got home today and did an inspection under proper lighting and had a few swirls. Used menzerna FF3000 which took care of the very light swirls. Klasse AIO and put first coat of FK1000P. RPiM5 also came by helped me remove the charcoal filters. Clear bra will be done in the week after next. Hopefully all my IND stuff comes by then.

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Tints done today and 3M 1080 Carbon fiber wrap on the door handle chrome

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She's coming along nicely, had a little time on monday and tuesday night and i got on all of the iND kit, so
-iND front LCI grills in gloss black with M Stripes
-iND Sidmarkers with outers in gloss black, matte black inners, and dark tint LED
-iND LSB painted front reflectors
-iND LSB painted rear reflectors
-iND Gloss black "M5" badge

also got the rear spoiler off and all the adhesive cleaned up, what a PITA! I'll get the BMW performance carbon spoiler with LSB stripe installed today along with the RKP Lip. also the iND mats and macht schnell spacers should be delivered today.

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Excuse the iphone pictures, once everything is installed i'll get some proper photos

RKP Lip, perfect fit!! fits much better than the vorsteiner lip on my x5m. extremely happy!!! also got the bmw performance rear spoiler installed 48 hours for the adhesive to cure

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More pictures...... all cleaned still don't acurately show the color, i used a nikon slr and just did quick shots on auto, after the clear bra this weekend i'll play with the settings and try and get more accurate photos but it's more turqouise in person. big thank you to Andrew@iND, Eric@TintFX, raja ventureshield(clear bra installer) also known as Speed and Tech Motoring llc

-iND front LCI grills in gloss black with M Stripes
-iND Sidmarkers with outers in gloss black, matte black inners, and dark tint LED
-iND LSB painted front reflectors
-iND LSB painted rear reflectors
-iND Gloss black "M5" badge
-BMW Performance Carbon Fiber rear spoiler with LSB Stripe
-RKP Carbon fiber front lip
-Suntek CXP 35% tint
-Xpel Ultimate full hood, full fenders, A pillars, mirrors, headlights, trunk ledge, and sideskirts 4/12/2014
-Macht Schell 10mm spacers to go on after clear bra 4/12/2014

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2014 F10 M5 Individual Laguna Seca Blue. ZCP, Executive, Driver's Assistance, Lighting, B&O, RKP Lip, BMW Performance rear spoiler, iND cosmetic kit, iND M5 floor mats, Coded by V12

2011 E70 X5M. Velos Tune. Vorsteiner lip. iND Cosmetic
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