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Originally Posted by bobs619 View Post
Thx u EAS for the quick turn around on this. Robert, Tom, and all your techs are all top notch dudes. I owe you guys a beer at bimmerfest. #beersOnMe

Bobby, you know where to drop off the beers

Originally Posted by biglare View Post
EAS is top notch!!!

Bobs... stayin ahead of the curve! Congrats as the setup looks purrrfect!

Looking forward to seeing what's in store next for "Tyrone"!

Thanks for the kind words Larry

Originally Posted by Hoopumpers View Post
Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Didn't think this was ever going to happen. Kevin/Robert, when can you get me in?
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How much?
Originally Posted by MMG640 View Post
PM me and we can set everything up!

Originally Posted by SuckaGDog View Post
How much lower can it go from the current set height?
It lowers the front 0.2-1.2" and rears .04-1.2"

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Oooh man that is a nice drop, I still have my unopen box of H&R springs I might just sell it and buy this one. How long did it take to install the KW SO Kit? really interested in getting this done...
It was about the same time as the install for a set of lowering springs

Originally Posted by The_Phil View Post
The Dealer actually trying to install the sleeve kit in my F12 M6 Cabrio and telling me, that it doesn't fit.

He tells me the BMW OEM tie rods are too long, about 10 cm (that is much). He sents Pictures of it to KW.

Was there any Problems on install at this M5? I think M5 and M6 are equal on struts, sway bars and tie rods.

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Philipp, there were no issues with the install on this set up. The M5 and M6 does have different part numbers on the KW Sleeve Kit, so make sure they have the one specific to the M6