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Originally Posted by RPiM5 View Post
Sounds promising. I have no doubt that ///M will not disappoint. I am a bit worried about the next generation M5 engine though. I'm just not seeing where ///M can go next with engines. They are definitely not going to go with a bespoke engine as it would be too costly and go against the current business model of efficiency of shared parts with non-M engines. We'll start seeing more stuff in about 2 to 3 years about the next M5. The next generation 5-Series should be out in 2016 as a 2017 model year. So only a couple of more years away.
What they can do, is to use hybrid power in connection with the S63 (or any other S engine).

BMW M division has a 172g/km average fleet CO2 target they need to reach here in Europe. The S55 has it's lowest CO2 in the DCT version with 199g/km.

So, either M has to come up with more low emission vehicles (like the upcoming M2) to lower their fleet average down to 172 (to make up for the big polluters like the M5/6 etc). Or they have to start using hybrid powertrains in the same way we see in the McLaren P1 etc.

Time will show