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Originally Posted by RPiM5
Originally Posted by stealth.pilot
Originally Posted by dhirm5 View Post
I'm all for choices for those that need it, but I hope it's optional, as I'll not be ticking the AWD option box.

Make it lighter - great. The motor can stay as is as far as I'm concerned - tune it up a bit if you want for 600+ hp and we're good.
If the AWD version is 200lbs lighter the RWD version will be 400lbs lighter.
Exactly! But they should offer an AWD version for those who want one. Like those who live in rainy or snowy regions.
I agree with that. I would probably get an AWD one myself as a crutch because my driving skills are not world class like my M5.

But a true enthusiast would buy a RWD one.

I read on 6speed about a guy who bought a 997 turbo and modified it to RWD and also took out 400lbs in various weight savings. That's an enthusiast car.