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Originally Posted by Hockey Guy View Post
There is not much to say other than be nice to it until break-in. As you know, there is a variety of opinion on this board on hard vs soft break-ins. I have owned four M's (M3/5s) and never had an issue with the engine consuming oil etc., but I am gentle with it (sub 5,000 RPM) until I hit my Break-in service. Take that time to get to know this car. It is significantly more powerful than any M car I have driven and perhaps any car that you may have driven. The power is actually shocking! However, it is a heavier car and you will notice this under braking and a little bit in the twisties. These are exceptionally well built cars and they are made to take a beating. However, learn its capabilities gradually and you will stay out of trouble. Welcome to the Club man!
Well said. I followed the guide lines of soft break ins I never went past 5000 rpm and I sure did not go past 80mph