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F10 M5 Spotted in Santa Barbara, CA (no pics...yet)

I spotted the new F10 M5 on Cabrillo Blvd this morning around 11 am driving by the beach. Lets just say my faced looked like this.... I know Santa Barbara is always filled with some type of undercover BMW model, last year this time was the Z4. The car it self was black with very little camo on it.

Camoflage: Only the lower lip of the front bumper was camo'd over, so I was able to see the M3 inspired front bumper (which looked very nice!). Also the side view mirrors, and side skirts were camo'd along witht the lower portion of the rear bumper.

Stance: This car was low! It didn't look to me that it was bulky in anyway, and as we drove past one another it looked like the car carried itself very proportionally, in my opinion not how the press release pics make the car look to be. It had deep blue hid's, looked like 8000k.

Sound: Unfortunately we drove opposite of each other so I was only briefly able to hear it, but it did sound M3 ish, given the fact that we were both on a 25 mph.

I would have busted a u-turn and cut off everyone to follow it and take some pics, but I was already running late.. But if I do spot it again, I'll make sure to be ready! If anyone in the SB area sees it make sure to post it here!