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Originally Posted by rmmcdaniel View Post
I hope the pics and/or my eyes are deceiving me (or these aren't the production seats) because the side bolsters on these seats don't look very "bolstering".

I love the big side bolsters on the seats in my E90 M3 and hope the F10 M5's are as least as big. Unfortunately it appears that they might be smaller to accommodate the average size/weight of this car's typical buyer (fat Americans), which will be disappointing if true.

Although it would serve to reason that this would have the active side bolsters (or at least adjustable) like the ones on the E60. Not sure if the E9X has those so please don't bite my head off. So it could just be that the last driver didn't have them like one would expect. OR maybe the F10 has a system that reduces the bolster size for entry/exit of the vehicle which would also mean its at it's lowest point when the car is off (kind of like with power tilt/teloscopic steering). Just a thought though.