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Originally Posted by e39>all View Post
Weight reduction of significance?
I'll let you know when I get mine Significance yes, in this car..

Originally Posted by lux View Post
As much as I love BMW giving us a ceramic brake option, don't those things squeal like a bitch until they heat up? Unless you plan on tracking it (which is probably a lower % than m3 owners), most folks would be happier with the steel option as a daily driver. I bet the ceramics will end up being a baller option for most.
Doubtful, Past personal experiences in Porsche's with ceramics were squeak-less, and when they were "up to temperature" they bit hard like an attack dog with titanium teeth. Personally, I'd compromise for nothing but the best if I were shelling out 8k for a brake and rotor option.

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Also remember most people who track seriously don't use ceramics. They are $$$$ as they keep wearing out.