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Originally Posted by blipit View Post
Yeah, because everyone is going to track their big boat M5's.

Ceramic brakes on a M5 are for piston counters. Epic waste of money on this car.
Agreed BUT when you can get ceramic brakes on the M5 competitors (Porsche Panamera, Mas Quattroporte, Aston Rapide, the upcoming RS6, etc.), I guess BMW decided to put it out there.

Plus, braking represents the most consistent complaint on m car capabilities - the fade is rough. Given that these cars keep getting heavier, solving brake issues offers a big plus for some buyers - even those not tracking their beasts.

I think they went at this car with solving the e60 problems:

a. more fuel efficient than the v10 but also more powerful
b. additional range by increasing mpgs AND tank size
c. better brake option
d. less bangled design.