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Originally Posted by Mark Carson View Post
I'll believe the power and performance figures when BMW provides them (or in the case of performance figures when there are actual test results).

Magazines have an extremely poor track record on specs before official announcements. Remember when MotorTrend claimed a few months back that the M5 would only have an automatic because the DCT could not handle the torque? Totally wrong of course - DCT is clearly seen in the concept and prototype cars.

The F10 550xi does 0 - 100 kph in 4.8 seconds so having the F10 M5 do it in 4.4 is not that impressive. I realize traction becomes the limiting factor but this seems too slow.

And 552 HP really seems wrong. The X5M and X6m already make 555 SAE horsepower (yes that's 3 hp more than the claimed power in the new M5) while the photos of the engine in the F10 M5 shows much larger turbos and inter-coolers. So, I call B.S. on the HP figure claimed by Autozeitung.

However, I'm glad to see that the black wheels are gone (or at least an option).
My thoughts exactly. I'll believe it, when BMW releases an official press release.
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