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Full Sakhir Orange & Brown trim inside, Havanna on the out, 6MT. You can keep your Caddy/Benz/Porsche/whatever comparisons, not having yet laid a wheel down...or even if you had. Silliness, arguing over 10-20 torque or HP. BMW represents to me a sophisticated engineering which US companies attempts to approximate with sledge-hammers, and Benzes are all about the luxury, which is gorgeous but boring as fuck. So: Why? Because BMW. Because 2002tii, Batmobile, & 1988 M6; because fuck all preppies with other preppies tied together around a stick; because Laguna Seca Blue, not fourteen shades of dark black/grey/blue, & silver. because 2006 Z4 M Coupe, because stick shift 2010 M6, and because 1M Coupé in the purest of whites. The key thing: how close can I bond with this baby when I'm driving it? Will North America get that 6-speed manual? (The English cat seems UK.) One key discrepancy: Front wheels get the big six-pot fixed calipers, ok but temperamental to maintain, blue mandatory, and rear gets only the usual (very good) sliding single, instead of the 4-pots that would've seemed to match, especially since they're going for a look.

My 5¢.